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Gifts That Give's adming team has fixed this issue by eliminating AMP completely.     It will work when going throught Google but not otherwise. Incase of any issues please submit a ticket.       


AMP refers to the servers we use to speed up on mobile devices.   In some cases, we may not be able to serve data in a format that is compatible with your device.   In this case you’ll see a grey overlay on the screen, and on registries, a half loaded page.   While we constantly work to resolve this issue, it could be a few months before it is fully functional.     Till then, please request the desktop version of the website or add “? noamp=mobile&_gl=1*19yikk9*_ga*MTg4MDQyNDM1OS4xNjE0ODMzNzUy” to the end of the url.  If you have difficulties, do not hesitate to submit a ticket.  

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